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Why start the day with a coffee when there are centrifuges?
Just an energizing centrifuge with the right ingredients to forget tiredness in a short time. Especially in summer, when you no longer want to cook and want something fresher and faster, centrifuges are the right choice.
Ideal for giving energy to our body in a healthy and natural way, the centrifuged are perfect both as a breakfast, as a mid-morning snack or as a snack.

Furthermore, homemade centrifuges are better than juices purchased from the supermarket: no dyes, sugars, preservatives or other additives. With the centrifuged we take full advantage of the properties of fruit and vegetables that we often neglect, we are talking about vitamins and mineral salts, nutrients that help our body to function better, giving us energy as well.

The centrifuged are fruit and vegetables to drink, fresh and thirst-quenching, to regain the charge with each sip and recover the energy you need to reach the end of the day still in force.
Here are the recipes that we recommend to make fresh and refreshing centrifuged for you and your friends during this summer.

The classic ACE centrifuged
The most famous centrifuged is made with 3 carrots, 2 oranges and the juice of a lemon. A very refreshing centrifuge, rich in vitamins, especially C, ideal for starting the day.

The exotic centrifuged
3 slices of pineapple, a ripe mango and the flesh of a coconut are the ingredients to make an exotic flavored centrifuge.

The green centrifugate
Take two kiwis and centrifuge them with a green apple and a slice of fresh ginger. You will thus have a food rich in potassium and sodium that will immediately give you the charge.

The centrifuged wild berries
A cup of blackberries, one of blueberries, one of strawberries, one of raspberries and 20 grams of ginger. In this way you will get the ideal centrifuge to take an abundant dose of energy and vitamins.

The centrifuged with vegetables

If you want to dare, you can choose a centrifuged with fresh spinach, a rib of celery, an apple and a cucumber. You will have the strength to deal with the day.

The best promise for you for the summer!!!

With Friendly Regards,
Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 27/5/219