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Γούναρη 131 & Ιθάκης 18, Άνω Γλυφάδα, Αθήνα-Ελλάδα


We are a modern company with twenty years experience specialized in the production of uniforms and professional clothing with high comfort. Always up to date and focused on our customers'needs.

We mainly produce in Italy, because of dangers caused by imported products from other countries, where control is practically absent. Such danger is not only present in the quality of the product itself, but above all in the safety for those who use them.

Widespread and competitively priced, our markets have been invaded by these imported fabrics for years; but a wide diffusion and low prices conceal problems of illegality, exploitation of work, use of substances harmful to health.
The danger for those who use clothing produced in these countries, in addition to the poor quality of the fabrics, is represented by the lack of controls.

We are ISO 9001 certified company

With friendly Regards,

Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 26/8/2019